Right now its just waiting. Are they talking ? What is being planned? Is there going to be city wide disturbances again? What…?

It doesn’t seem like anything is going anywhere. There are a lot mouths talking, but nothing happening. Except for more deaths, more burning homes, more displacement of people and the rest of the country pretending that things are back to normal.

Read today that the Government wants all the people staying in camps here in Nairobi to return to their homes by Monday next week. Homes that either are not there or have been taken over by someone else or are in places that these people were specifically targeted because of their tribal affiliation. But the Government is assuring people that things are calm and they have control of the situation. Yeah right.

*Photo from Insight Kenya. He has the best collection of images I have seen concerning what is going on here in Nairobi. If it were not for him and a couple of others, it would be easy to think everything had calmed down and life was “moving on”. *Site is now private


We are not getting a lot of news from that side. Mary is in Juba at the moment frustrated with the heat. Funny cause it has been cold here in Nairobi this last week. We had some worry things were getting very rocky for the South over the course of the last few weeks as well, but at the moment it has simmered down. Still smoldering though.