slow news day… thank goodness

There isn’t much to say today. It’s quiet.

There was a very small presence of police at different points through out the town. Small groups positioned at intersections. Drove past part of Uhuru park, still a bunch of police there. As we drove past Adams Arcade this morning I noticed a large group of hawkers set up at a bus stop. Have the feeling quite a few of these were folks who had stalls and shops burnt during protest over the last few days.

The Kenya Red Cross is accepting donations and seeking assistance for people that have been displaced and affected by the violence. Current estimates say it is around 150,000 300,000 people and probably more that are in need of help.

Check the following the sites for more info about the current situation:

Kenya Image has a really good article about the country’s leadership, or current “lack of”. Sara Nics writing at 8 Months in Nairobi has some very good updates on the current status in Nairobi. Insight Kenya continues to post some great photos and commentary as well. Take a look at Afromusing as well. A comprehensive list of bloggers was posted here the other day.

My friend Mark in the US, writing for Mashable, wrote a nice article yesterday from a technology viewpoint. I got a mention, so thought would link it here. Is an interesting read. White African and Kenya Pundit also posted some interesting points about the use of technology and the current situation in Kenya.