Sickness setting in.

Malaria sucks.

I cannot confirm that is what is ailing me, but I am 80% to 90% sure it is Malaria.  Maybe 20% is too big a margin.

I figure from the way different parts of my body are aching, the high temperature that is causing me to start shivering in 115 degree weather and that small headache in the back of my head that is spreading slowly by slowly indicates a high chance of the big “M”.

My housemate also pointed out that I am not very bright when I sleep cause I havn’t been using the mosquito net.  Yeah sometimes I can be pretty stupid.  That net is just so freaking hot.

am off to the clinic to get a blood test.  will update in a few days what I find out.  I have the feeling I will be lying in bed from now until Monday.  Oh the joy.