search for power

I woke up with a number of things to do on Sunday, many of which required power.  In order to get power I had to find petrol.  In order to find petrol I had to walk. 

Now I could have walked a short distance to the near market and bought a liter of petrol in a bottle at almost twice the asking price at the stations.  I wanted 5 liters so I opted to take a long walk to save a few pounds and get some exercise.

I walked far.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Not good for Kawaja skin.  I jumped on a mini-bus and went to one of the main stations on the roadside.  They were out of petrol in the pump and only had it in the bottles.  Same excessive price.

I jumped on another bus, took another little walk and ended up at another station almost on the other side of town.  With joy in my heart thinking about my soon to be accomplishment of finding cheap petrol I quickly walked up to the attendent.

“Benzine fi?” (Is there petrol?)

“Mafi Benzine” (There is no petrol)

I felt slightly defeated.  Getting to the stations by the airport would require motorcycle transport and would make the whole journey pointless because I would still end up spending lots of money I was trying to save.

I walked again. Back towards my place.  No buses to jump in this direction.  I was tired and hungry, so I stopped and ate some food.  Spent too much money.

Along the way I found a young boy selling petrol in bottles.  I paid him the money I didn’t want to pay in the first place.  At least I had my petrol.

It was a good idea to start with.  Just didn’t quite turn out the way I had expected.  In total, between the transport, food and petrol I bought, I ended up spending about 3 times what I had intended for the day. 

Cheap can definately be expensive.