pit of my stomach

Driving around today one might think things are progressing back to a form of normality. I just have this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that it is not. Think it started when we walked into Nakumat, our local grocery store, and couldn’t find the majority of basic commodities such as bread, milk and fresh veg. Also didn’t help my stomach that I and my wife were talking about what our options are if things go really off. Got a little depressed after that.
I talked with two different friends today, one in Kitale, the other in Lodwar. Things are peaceful, but both places have ground to a halt because there is no fuel, food or other items flowing in. The one in Kitale was only visiting for Christmas and was supposed to come back to Nairobi with her family beginning of this week. Looks like they are going to be stuck there till things start flowing, if they start, again.

This past week we have seen massive violence and the trajic death of an estimated 300 or more people throughout the country (probably closer to or well over 500+). Unfortunately it may continue. The really sad thing is that it doesn’t seem the leaders really care. Casualties or fodder in the battle for whatever.