The city was working today.  Traffic jammed up in all the right places. The streets were crowded with people.  That gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that the country was tittering on the brink of utter chaos subsided a bit.  Think it has managed to take a step back and steady itself somewhat, although it is not so far from that edge.  A push, gust of wind or small trip could send it back over.
Out in the rural we are still hearing reports of folks causing mayhem, death and destruction.   but they aren’t in the city, so no worries.  Except for that there are still problems with supply lines and the cost of things are going up very quickly.  but out of sight, out of consciousness…

The opposition called off planned protests tomorrow.  Looks like they might be considering talk a bit more benificial for all then more chaos and destruction.

A friend buried one of two sisters today.  Perished in a house fire in Mombasa when a mob locked the doors and set it ablaze.  Two sisters and a niece among 8 that died.