last price

Transportation is a pain.  I shouldn’t be complaining though.  Someone did loan me a vehicle that I have parked and am declining to use at the moment.  Mostly because it is one of the most expensive vehicles I have ever driven and I don’t want to be the one responsible for destroying it.  Not that that would happen…

I drove it around on Saturday.  I felt important.  People were looking at me and looking at the vehicle.  If I was the type of person that wanted to reflect  wealth and stature with the vehicle that I drive, I might want to purchase something like that.  Only if I had wealth or stature.  I’m still coming off of the ego trip.

This morning I took Matatu.  Lets just say that is a few steps down from my previous ride.

Two young ladies on their way to school were seated next to me.  Talking very good english.  One was telling the story of her Aunt who cursed her uncle’s mother.  Or something to that extent.  I only l really caught the last few bits of their conversation before they were off the bus:

girl #1: “my mother told me that if I ever go to that ladies house that I shouldn’t drink or eat anything they offered to me.  If I want to drink water, then buy water from the shop.  I want to drink juice, then buy juice from the shop.”
girl #2: “those people…”
girl #1: “they don’t have god.”
girl #2: “those tribes are bad”
girl #1: “you think they are believers? haha”
girl #1 & #2 laughing as they get out of vehicle.

It was a better ride than I had expected.  Normally I can’t understand a word anyone says around me.

In Suk Juba I passed through a shoe seller to get some prices.  The first price he gave me was 40 and that one quickly turned into 50. I’m not exactly sure how.  I asked for “last price”.  He said 55.