house arrest

we have now spent the last five days holed up in the house in front of the television. The first few days were by choice, as we watched the elections and the progression of events after that. The last few days we havn’t had much choice since the protests and riots started.

as i wake up this morning, things seem normal. Its a holiday, the first day of the year. There are lots of movies on the television. Outside a number of vehicles are passing by on the road and a few people walking up and down the street. I can convince my self that the bangs I heard last night were fireworks and not gunshots. Yeah, everything is coming to normal…

Then I read the news on the internet, follow some blog reports and realize that not much has changed. There is still a media blackout, the police are still shooting people (in an effort to get them to stop rioting… forever) and most people are still staying in the homes. Like us.

/\\[/ az