email from a friend

Got this from a friend and thought I would share:

“happy new year.
do hope you are ok with your family.
also hope you are in Nairobi safely and not fighting in the streets. or wherever part of the world you are now.

me ok and safe. our place here is quite and life is as usual.
schools were to open on 7th and heard that they have been extended till 14th Jan cause of the problems of elections so coming that week. will get you informed when i arrive.

me here have burned my voting card.its realy awkward to vote now in Kenya when the person you vote in is rigged out and i have never seen a corrupt elections in Kenya like this one.form the civic to the Presidentail.
imagine with our illitrare mothers and fathers who never understand the word Democracy! voting for an opponent at the last moment cause they have been bribed with Money and a bag of Maize. Imagine somebody at the last moment pouring in 21 Million for a bribe with bags purposely for bribing. he is in now and will be seen again when the elections are contacted. its painy!

otherwise will see each other in Nairobi and will talk more.
have a wonderful year.”