I was going to write a fascinating evaluation of my time at BarCamp Nairobi last Saturday. Unfortunately I came back to Juba the day after and got sucked into the craziness that is here. This is Thursday, I think, and the time that I am starting to think about posting anything.

But then I have no pictures that I took from the event and anything I might have commented on has already been said in enough places. Here are some of the places: White African, theintelligensia, girl in the meadow and louder than swahili. White African has a much more detailed list.

Now I am back in Sudan, which seems so very far away from anything techy. I have had a cold for weeks which is turning into sinus infection. All because of dust. Lots and lots and lots of dust. I can’t breath just thinking about it. I’ll be happy when they finish tarmacking the main road. Will be even happier if they get to doing all the rest.