a breather

Today has been peaceful enough, at least in this part of town. Talked with our guard again and he said he was able to get a good nights rest for the first time in several days.

We drove out towards the airport. Had to pick a ticket for Mary’s sister so they can travel to Sudan tomorrow. The most notable thing was the lack of vehicles on the road. On one hand it was nice to be able to get somewhere without fighting loads of traffic, but it also reminded me of the fact that all is not right. At one point I even almost “missed” the traffic, not sure if that makes sense.

We passed through an estate called Jamhuri to pick a friend and while there we noticed a number of people packing things into hand carts or vehicles. We heard that many of them have been threatened and told to leave. All the people of one tribe told to go and stay somewhere else, things like that.

Found this report on the web… is extremely sad to see.