12 days

Ned is 12 days old.  They grow up so quickly.  I forgot how little newborn babies are.  Next to his older brother, he looks like a toy.  And Abarizaa looks like a grown up boy still running around in diapers. I call him Ned cause Nyerdet is rather difficult for me to pronounce sometimes.  I hope this name thing doesn’t cause any physcological problems later on in life.

Abarizaa came running into our room this morning wearing only his t-shirt and a big ol smile.  He was extremely excited.  Not sure if it was because he was naked or if he was just happy to be awake and running around the house.

My mother came for a visit.  I believe she is enjoying herself.  I know all of my brood is thoroughly enjoying having her around. The first day was like christmas with all the goodies she brought.  I also think the kids like having another kawaja around to ask loads of questions.  She doesn’t bark at them as much as this grumpy baba.

Now I’m trying to figure out a cheap and quick way to get back to Sudan and my failing managerial position.  Wish I could just stay here, but am having difficulty turning nothing into money.  A money tree might help…