the waiting is over but the anxiety is even worse

well… at least the waiting part is over.  Kenya has finally declared Kibaki as the winner of this year’s presidential elections.  Which according to the results show that about half the country is happy and the other half is a bit pissed off.

There has been alot of controversy around the results.  loads of allegations about rigging numbers, etc.  The opposition party, Orange Democratic Movement, was/is very unhappy.  So are alot of their supporters.  As I am writing this I can hear sporadic gun fire off in the distance.  We live about a mile or two away from Kiberia, one of Nairobi’s largest slums, where rioting is taking place at the moment.  Protests and riots are taking place in several parts of Nairobi along with many other parts of the country.

This is not exactly the way we were hoping to spend the new year.  We have the bad feeling that things might get worse before they get better.

Now we have to wait again and see what happens.  Is there going to be chaos for some time to come?  Is the country going to ground to a halt? Or are people going to say “oh well”, settle down and go about their business?

All I wanted to do was buy some fireworks, watch too many movies, relax and enjoy the entrance into the new year.  Guess we are getting the fireworks a little bit early… not the ones I wanted though.