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  1. clark
    9/6/2007 @ 08:42 am

    I couldn’t find any recent emails from you so I’m using this as your email address. My computer is a POS and I need to get a new one. Lots things have gone missing lately without any explanation (could be operator error). Anyhow, How are you?! You’re kid is very cute and growing so fast. It seems everyone is having kids these days. And me? Nope. No kids. No love life. Just going to school and waiting to finish so I can go back to school. It’s difficult to ascertain if going to school leads to no love life or no love life leads to going to school. Life is a mystery.
    So tell me about what you’re up to these days? I’d like to hear some of your wife’s music if possible. You’re still high on the list of people I would like to come and visit, but that might be awhile. I’d come right now if I didn’t have class tomorrow. I’m busy writing esoteric papers about small woodland creatures that probably won’t even be around in 100 years. I don’t even think what I do is important. I just do it I guess. Everybody’s got to do something right? I’d like to hear from you and I check your blog pretty often, but haven’t seen any updates lately so I thought I’d harass you. Hope you’re doing well!

    As usual,

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