typhoid… maybe?

so i felt very strange on monday. things just weren’t right. i went to the doctor. they took a blood test. now, apparantly there are several different kinds of blood tests out there that do various different things. things one just takes a quick look at the blood to see if any major abnormalities show up to require further testing or apparantly give the doctor a fairly good idea what might be going on.

mine came back indicating i had some sort of bacteria that was just messing me around in a not so nice way. and the doctor I saw says to me: “You probably have Typhoid”. probably.

im now taking a horrible drug called ciprofloxacin. not only is is supposed to take care of whatever is bugging my system, but just in case it should also treat me for any of the following: pneumonia, bronchitis, some types of gonorrhea, diarrhea caused by bacteria, and is also used to prevent and/or treat anthrax.

potential side-effects (the ones listed after the expected side-effects): seizures, vaginal yeast infection, confusion, shaking hands that you cannot control, believing that others want to harm you, hallucination, depression, thoughts about dying or killing yourself

this is going to be a fun 10 days. i sure hope I don’t get the yeast infection.