rings & things

its a saturday. this one didn’t sneak up on me.

two weeks from today i’m saying vows. it doesn’t seem quite real to me yet. the only thing i am really noticing at the moment is the drain on my pocket. dresses, shoes, suits, venue, pastor, reception, and rings.

me and mary walked into a jewerly shop today to look for wedding bands. she also found another ring she really liked and for a moment i was convinced that she wasn’t going to take it off. she even began barganing with the lady to get the price down. and i felt like a cheap a$$ and said “we can’t afford that… don’t even look at it…”. sometimes my capacity for tack just disappears completely. so we left and she had a sour look on her face.

anyhow… i went back a little while later, bought the wedding rings and ended up buying a ring that is somewhat similar to the one mary had picked out, but about the 3rd of the price. i still feel cheap.