recent photos

i havn’t been able to upload as many photos as I wanted. the connections on this side are rather pathetic. I almost signed up for a service that was going to cost me over $200 setup fee and about $120 a month for a wireless connection that was supposed be 128k (still slow I know) but in actuality seemed to average around 10 to 20k. I decided for the money they wanted me to be paying, i wasn’t going to be able to put up with that hassle. The other problem was that I had to sit outside of my house just to get any sort of signal.

anyhow, I have finally gotten the time to throw a few photos up on my site. Click on the photos below to go to the gallery pages:

This is a photo of my wife and her sister with a man from the UN. After the photo she jumped on the helicopter and went searching for a man they had to evacuate out of the region she was in.

I took this photo while I was in Lodwar, Kenya. The man is a Turkana and when he saw me with my camera trying to take his photo, he began to run. I snapped just in time to get a shot of him in mid-air. You can see how his shadow does not connect with his body. Thought that was pretty darn cool.