i got caught in some rain this afternoon. which is a little bit frustrating, but something I can’t complain about because this country has needed rain for quite a while now. i just wish it hadn’t decided to come while I was walking outside.

one of my colleages (sp?) asked me if I had been blessed. He said that in his tribe when a baby pees on you, they like to say that a person has been blessed. When I walked back into the office it looked like alot of babies had taken a wee on my trousers.

i am blessed, i can’t deny that. it is just really easy to forget about that sometimes and feel a bit sorry for one’s self. espescially on one’s birthday. today is my birthday.

i was trying to forget about it for weeks, but it always just stuck right there in the front of my brain. i didn’t want to let one stupid day get me down in the mouth. but somehow it managed to sneak up and go “boo!” and I remembered that I turned one year older and closer to that 30 something gap. and i started to worry about a whole bunch of things in my life and kinda started to freak out a little bit.

now its raining and the only ting i have to really worry about is how I am going to get back to my house without getting completely soaked. i already recieved my blessing for the day, not sure if I need a whole lot more.:)

rain is so much fun.