pain in the eyes

its mid march, how did that happen?

not alot has been going on for me. I am back in for a couple of weeks to do some work and hating that i have to be away from mary for so long. what really sucks is that I will be returning to sometime in april and will be away from her for almost two months.

i have just gotten over a second infection in my right eye in two weeks. I have had two large stys or what i would call zits form right on the eyelid next to my tearduct. that really hurt. i finally got some good antibiotics and have hopefully cleared things up. it is still bothering me just a little bit but isn’t so bad.

here is a lovely photo. the yellow ugly stuff is the medicine i was putting. sorry if it is disgusting:)

my eye

otherwise, there are some interesting stories out there about these parts:

The Lord’s Resistance army is still very active in parts of Southern Sudan. The Sudan Radio service has posted a few news stories about their current activities. Several people have been killed, one of them beheaded and a number of others abducted.

There is a strange story about a guy called Dr. Peter Waldron. He was arrested here in Uganda a few weeks back and charged with illegal possession of firearms. A paper I read today said that he was involved with a rebel group from the Democratic Republic of Congo and that they were organizing to try and capture/kill , the leader of the . It is a bit strange cause he is some sort of business man/preacher/bounty hunter/possible CIA?. At least that is what the paper here is insinuating. This guy has done some great research and has alot of interesting information on the doctor.

In two weeks ago the government attacked a media house and temporarily shut down a newspaper and TV station. here is a story from the BBC from the 1st of march. The government has been taking alot of hits lately, with a number of corruption scandels & a vote of no confidence when kenyans rejected a proposed new constitution. The issue has yet to be resolved, and it has given alot of fire to the political situation in the country. Going to be interesting to see what the result is.

the drought in Kenya doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

and this isn’t news:

my friend pointed out this poster the other day:


notice the “one million copies potentially sold” bit.

i think that is great.