out the window

i get a little nervous carrying my camera around in public. there were so many cool things to see in the city and take photos of. I just get scared someone would try to swipe the camera or want to charge me some small bits of money for taking their photo. so i often resort to the “out of the car window” photos. And now I proudly present my “out of car window” photos of tags: .

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here are my favorites:

this man is apparantly making sure none of the goods at the back of the truck fall off. at least he is there to catch something if the truck hits a nice bump while moving at a speed of 60 mph. did i mention that those bags more than likely weigh the same amount as that man on the back?

boda boda!!! the coolest form of cheap transportation around town and probably the most dangerous too.

cows… they fascinate me for some reason.

hope you enjoy these and all the rest.

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