not thursday

we had a holiday on monday. it threw me off for the whole week. i was convinced yesterday was thursday and that i was going into the office today. i was very surprised to find out it was friday and that this morning would be Saturday.

yesterday a school bus passed me as I was walking to the grocercy store. there was only one small child, a girl, towards the back or maybe close to the middle, looking out at the window and all that passed by her. she waved at me and attempted a half smile. i waved back and watch them disappear down the road, the big bus with it is small lonely passenger.

the roads are horrible and the traffic is worse. yet there were two boys who had strapped on roller blades and were cruising along dodging the potholes and traffic. as i watched and walked i was convinced i was soon to see a horrible accident. but they survived and happily too.

two people who didn’t survive happily were the ones a friend of mine hit with his car on monday. it was late. they were drunk. it was a highway. by the time he realized they were in front of his car, he wasn’t able to stop. he seems ok, but he mentioned he keeps remembering the moment they hit his car, sees it at night as he tries to go to sleep.

on this friday that i thought was thursday i found out another friend had died in a car accident two months ago. maybe i wasn’t such a friend if it took me two months to find out. i feel very sad, for his wife, for his children, for myself that i stopped being a close enough friend to have taken so long before I heard this news.

today is saturday not friday. i keep having to tell myself this.