im feeling alot better. kinda. at least I have finished the drugs and didn’t pick up the nasty side effects.

so i am currently in Kampala, Uganda working for a week with our editors on a few of the books we are producing and then I head back to Nairobi. I have been stuck in a lovely house for the majority of the time, but have managed to get out and around the city a little bit.

I really like Kampala. It is slightly cleaner and runs a bit more effeciently than Nairobi dose. Saftey seems to be a bit better as well. You can move around at night and breath a little easier and not think you could be car-jacked, high-jacked or robbed at gunpoint. that is a definate plus.

hopefully i’ll have some better photos by the time i leave in the meantime you can check these out:

this one is for my momma:) its a panoramic of my living room in Nairobi. not very clear, but its ok. the walls are still a bit bear, but will be working on that.