i’m one month married as of yesterday. that is great.

have been preocuppied with this new feature in my life, plus finishing up a ridiculous number of books for my work, so havn’t had a chance to really sit and write anything down. Not that there has been much going on in the way of interest in these parts. I did take a trip up country a few weeks back and had an interesting trip on a bus and a great time watching the police of kenya in action. The short of it is that the bus trip was horrible because the roads of kenya are horrible and the law is only enforced if someone can pay off the police with enough money. And if you are the person being accused, be prepared to part with lots and lots of cash even if you are not guilty. fortunately i wasn’t the person being accused. I got the pleasure of sitting off to one side watching the affair. and we are pretty sure he was guilty, so we didn’t feel terribly sorry for the boy.

otherwise, life is moving along. I have finished my assingment with CARE and am now officially “jobless”. Next month I will be going up to Lodwar in northern kenya and doing some volunteer work with an agency called Merlin, but that will only be for one month and it doesn’t pay much in the way of money.

and in parting, here is a lovely sticker I saw in a bus a few days back: