I’m taking a “vacation” next week. kinda. going to Sudan to meet Mary’s family. Or more precisely her father. is going to be interesting because I will also be attending a “peace” meeting between at least three different tribes, all who seem to have it out for each other at different points in time – the ,

in other Sudan news, with an increase of refugees returning home and alot of areas not ready to recieve them, various diseases are starting to crop up. Cholera is hitting the towns of and . Cholera is horrible and has the potential to wipe out alot of people if it spreads and doesn’t get treated quickly.

in kenya, the drought is getting worse and the majority of the country is very, very dry. and according to this news story because people think of Kenya as a safari paradise, they have problems envisioning a famine and sending support.

a photo from kenya from last december:

click on photo to read story from the Standard.

click on this link to view a long list of agencies and other related information to this situation. If you feel so inclined to see how you could help or if you know of someone who might be interested, this is a great place to start and gather information about what is going on and who is doing what where.

this drought is not only in Kenya, but the whole of the horn of east africa. It is affecting Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibuti and even parts of Southern Sudan.

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