i forgot that free accounts don’t always do what you think they will do for you. Like let you upload tons of photos to your hearts content. oh well… it was just a whole lot easier to upload them to flickr than the way I have to do it with my own website….grrr… i need some technical assistance in sorting that one out…

a few weeks back i wrote about my experience in a closet and my exit from Maridi back to Kenya. i was trying to upload the photos today, but apparantly I have ran out of the bandwidth space I am allowed to use in one month’s time. which means I have to pay 24.95 to get unlimited, etc. don’t need it that bad.

i got about 12 of them up. and there are a couple of shots of the closet. Nothing to exciting. but here are some soldiers:

i think they are the good guys.

update: click on the photo above to view the flickr photos with a few comments or click on this link to view the photos I have recently added to my original photo page.