things creep up on me. think that means I am not terribly observant, or holed up in my own little bubble.

didn’t realize it was easter till they told me we had a long weekend today. and i forgot once again that my folks were celebrating their 31st anniversary this week. and that im supposed to file my taxes in two days and am going to have some major issues with that when/if it happens.

news from my end:

I have to find a new job by the end of next month. that kinda sucks.

Nairobi has been very wet lately. Tis the season for rain. I guess it is the closest thing to winter that they have round these parts. it does get a bit chilly at night.

im not sure what is going on in parts of sudan. havn’t been that direction for some time and havn’t come across much information at the moment. mainly because most of my time has been spent trying to finish up some materials I have been working on and because I havn’t had a nice internet connection.

anyhow… not a whole lot going on.

happy easter:)