woman’s day

so after the excitement on friday, there has been no more news of bad men running around the place. or if there has been, no one has mentioned it to me.

today is a some sort of holiday around here, although no one was really aware of it. we still havn’t quite figured out what the holiday is supposed to be, but we are hearing that there is a big celebration in the center of town. someone was saying that it was “woman’s day”.

speaking of women. I miss my girl friend. i have only been away from her for a week, but it is driving me insane. i hate that I can’t pick up a phone and call her. that i can’t ask her to meet me somewhere for food, or tell her to come over and watch a movie. that i can’t hold her in my arms or give her a kiss.

for the 2 1/2 years I worked in lokichoggio, kenya, I thought I was lonely because I wasn’t “together” with someone. but i have come to learn that actually lonliness is being with a person but never being together in one place with that person.

i miss you so much mary.