i forgot that in two days it will be thanksgiving. unfortunately no turkey for me this year. mabye some chicken though.

yesterday we had a slight scare. there was a rumor reported that a small group of lord’s resistance army rebels were moving towards maridi with the intent to cause harm.

apparantly a small group of these rebels attacked a village, killed one person and stole food and supplies. what they hadn’t realized was that other people living in the area were well armed and did not take kindly to having their neighbors attacked. A local chief from a neighboring village organized his 25 sons to take their guns and take care of these rebels that had attacked. They engaged in a confrontation with the LRA and allegedly killed one of their members. The lra were running from these guys, and the villagers pursued them. but apparantly the villagers didn’t have enough ammunition to finish the business, so they sent one of their guys to come into Maridi town and alert the soldiers here of the situation and to ask for assistance. well when this guy got into town and informed the soldiers, a bunch of them went running to get their guns and to organize themselve to go after the rebels. well everyone in town saw the soldiers running around, heard the name lord’s resistance army and the rumor started flying that lra was on their way to maridi. so everyone started grabbing guns, all the shops closed down and people were a little bit tense yesterday.

so another fun day.