im off to kenya again tomorrow. i am not looking forward to the flight. cramped in economy for 20+ hours and getting very little to no sleep. listening to the drone of jet engines and possibly dealing with turbulance that will throw my stomach into my mouth time and time again . i have seen the inside of a too many jumbo jets over this past year and can say that the less I have to see of them in the future the happier I will be.

ill end up in Sudan in about a weeks time. will be nice to get back to work and start feeling semi productive again. have the feeling lots of stuff will have to be done in a very short period of time. should be fun.

i am looking forward to getting away from all the cold. for the past three years cold has only ever been close to 60 degrees. not the freezing temps that have been entertaining me for the past four weeks. i have realized i like the heat.

anyhow, if things of excitement begin to take place, i will do my best to note them here. i now have a good digital camera so i will also do my best to get some photos of the surroundings i may find myself in and put them here for veiwing pleasure.