sudan again

yesterday morning i got up at 5 to catch my 6 a.m. flight back to in Southern Sudan. i hate getting up early.

so i am now back in sudan. its the end of the rainy season, so things are beginning to heat up a bit more than normal. about mid january, this whole place will be as dry as a bone. all the green is gone and in its place is brown ugly.

we have a good internet connection in this place, so today i was downloading some software I needed for our computers here. One of the things I decided to check out was google earth. That program is great. It is basically a map program, but much more than a map program. You can see 3D images of towns and terrain and so much more. I havn’t fully explored it yet, so I don’t know all the wonderful stuff, but I like it so far. When it comes to maps and things, I can’t get enough.

i have been lacking photos on this place for a while, so will be working on throwing some more up real soon. promise. maybe:)