currently the sky is overcast and white flakes are falling down to the ground. if it were not for the sake that it is something like 90 degrees farenheit and i am sweating like a pig (its true pigs sweat alot), one might think that it was snowing.

what is apparantly happening is that people are burning fields. it must be lots of fields because there is a huge haze hanging in the air. and the white flakes coming down are ash. why people are burning fields, I am not exactly sure.

no more news about lord’s resistance army folks. they have been keeping quiet. Saturday, we had a small scare when it was reported there was a big fistfight in Maridi town between some Dinka and a Zande guy. These are people from the two tribes that were going at it in the town of Yambio to west of here. But it was a small skirmish and the local authority settled things down. The only inconvience that arised from all of this was that the cooks working for us were not able to get to the market to buy food for lunch in the normal time that they do. So instead of 1 p.m. lunch, we had to wait until 2 p.m. life can be really difficult sometimes.:)

otherwise everything is very quiet.