safari ants

early wednesday morning i woke up because i had a problem with my back. i stretched and did a number of things to get rid of the kink that had taken up residence just under my right shoulder blade. nothing worked. so i got up and took some paracetamal and then went to the toilet.

when i got back to my room, i began to climb into my bed in an attempt to get some more rest and try and deal with the pain in the morning. right before I climbed into the bed in the darkness, i noticed my mosquito net looked a bit bunched up on one corner and needed adjustment. I took my flashlight and shined it so i could see the thing i was fumbling with. it was at this moment that I also noticed a number of small black things crawling around on my sheets.

at first i thought it was just a few mosquitos or something that had found their way into the bed. but after further examination I discovered a large mess of black ants crawling on top of my bed and more of them coming up the side. i wasn’t happy.

it took me some time, but i located bugspray and went to war. now these ants are nasty. they have large pinchers at the their front and like meat. i would have been their dinner. but i destroyed them all and ruined my sheets in the process. but at least i was able to return to bed.

click HERE to see the ants.

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