night noises

i stayed up a bit late last night watching terminator 3. yes it was a waste of time.

but as i turned out the lights and laid down in my bed, i kept hearing these very stranges noises coming from outside. almost like and owl hooting, or some sort of small animal howling. it was very high pitched and sort of gurgled. ok, so maybe this isn’t the best description. I think it was some kind of bat. it just freaked me out a bit. especially cause I had to go to the toilet very badly, and the toilet is about 30 yards from the house i stay in. and the cries were coming from the direction of the toilet. I finally just stood out the back door of the house and watered the grass.

i also kept hearing branches and stuff fall on the house before i went to sleep. that was annoying.

then, just as I was about to drift off into the abyss… i heard a gunshot. and with all the hubbub that has been going on round here the last few days, i got a little nervous at first. but the thing is that if you only hear 1 shot somewhere off in the dark, you normally don’t have to worry about a thing. It was probably someone shooting at an animal, or a drunk soldier firing a shot into the sky. the thing to worry about is if you start to hear a number of shots at the same time. something along the lines of “pow, pow… pow… pow, pow, pow… pow, pow…pow”. So instead of immediately going back to sleep, i laid there for about half an hour waiting to hear more gunshots. Luckily the next thing i knew was that I was waking up and it was morning.

although i overslept and the eggs were finished by the time i went for breakfast… grrr…