new year

so another year gone by. i have to admit that I am not so sad about saying goodbye to this one. Alot of ups and downs and unpleasant circumstances all around.

i don’t have much to talk about at the moment. I am in Nairobi, relaxing (maybe too much… still have a bit of work to catch up on) , spending too much money, and not doing a whole heck of a lot.

i moved house at the beginning of the month, so have been spending lots of time buying things and getting it set up to be comfy. it amazes me how quickly the money can go and how expensive things in this city can be. but i did manage to find a dinning room table made out of mahogany (sp?) for about 250 USD. It has really cool carvings of animals on the chairs. my next goal is a couch, but they are very expensive. something close to 1300 USD. I just find that aggravating because you can see that the quality is rather pathetic.

i would also like to buy a car. the problem there is that the taxes on a vehicle can cost the same amount as the vehicle itself. and alot of people like to advertise their vehicles at cost without tax, so that they can draw a customer in. so when you see that 1990 toyota advertised for 2000 US, its going to run something closer to 4000.

anyhow… at least I can dream:)