Lord’s Resistance Army

The LRA have been causing some havoc in these region over the last few months. I think part of it is due to the fact that they are being pushed out of the areas they seem to normally operate in. Something akin to disturbing a bee’s nest and they just go crazy.

In the last three weeks they have killed four different humanitarian workers ( that I am aware of… 2 of them were expats) and attacked at least one village and burned it to the ground.

yesterday here in Maridi the local authoritieas apprehended 3 men they believe to belong to LRA in the center of town. They noticed some strangers walking around the place that were not speaking the Arabic dialect and folks got very suspicious. I also heard reports that they have been known to be moving very close to this area over the last few weeks. It seems they are trying to figure out a way that they can move into the Central African Republic. or at least some of them. They don’t move in around in one large group. They are apparantly scattered all over the place in little groups and somehow manage to communicate with one another either through radio or satphone. No one is very sure what is what.

Check out this link on wikipedia. They have a very detailed and indepth summary about the LRA.

As far as my security is concerned, I am ok. Maridi has lots of SPLA military folks running around keeping an eye out on things. When the LRA is split up into small groups, they don’t normally assault large groups of people they know could fight back, they seem to like to hit the weak ones instead.