fridays…and i ain’t got no money

its going on to 6 and everyone in this office split sometime around 4ish. me, i ain’t go no money and nowhere to go, so I am sitting here desperately hoping something exciting arrives in my email or someone calls me to say they are going to treat me to a night out.

but not so many folks call anymore. but that could be cause I havn’t called so many folks, and no one really knows where I am at at the moment. credit is expensive for the phone. and then having to meet up with folks over a drink will suck transport costs and stuff like that. and so i become a home body and then get a little sad after a while:) I just need to go back to Maridi and get to work.

susan: that is the name of the lady who fingered me as the father of her child. the DNA says I am not. but she doesn’t believe it and thinks I had the tests fixed. that i bribed a doctor or something along those lines. we havn’t really talked much since that point. im kinda happy with that.

nairobi: getting ready for a big referendum (sp?) on a new constitution. hopefully i will be in the field at that point. could get a little bit ugly round these parts for a few days. this is a very high strung issue. primarily because the government rejected the draft that the people had put together and came back with their own version that everyone seems to hate. and instead of going back again to rewrite, they are pushing it forward and only giving kenya the choice of new consitution as is or nothing at all. well they would still have the old constitution. but apparantly its pretty bad, that is why they decided to go for the new one….

hmmm…. guess I should get out of here…

sim sim and peanut butter for dinner !!! woo- hoo!!!