Today is the day that folks break their fast for Ramadhan. Im not terribly versed on the subject, but I think Ramadhan is for Muslim what Lent is for Catholics.

anyhow, from about 5 a.m. this morning I could hear the prayers coming from one of the mosques that is close to where I live. They have a big loud speaker and some guy reads from the koran and you can hear from about a mile away. Can be very annoying cause they do it every morning. This one seemed to go on for several hours though.

today is also a bit like 4th of July cause tons of people are running around shooting off fireworks in celebration of the end of the fast. actually they have been shooting off fireworks the whole of this week. Last sunday I was sitting in my house watching T.V. and listening to these very loud explosions that sounded like artillery shells being fired off. Very loud booms far away in the distance. Was slightly disturbing at first. have gotten use to it over the course of the week though.

also today is a holiday, so no one is in the office and there is nothing to do except bum around the house.:)