annular eclipse oct 3 2005

so its been some time since i updated here. sorry for that. currently I am in Southern Sudan in a town called Maridi (In between the towns of Yambio and Yei). I am back to work with the Sudan Basic Education Program. We are currently developing teacher training materials and i am helping out with the layout and design of books.

I have been here for three weeks now and am enjoying being back. It is very quiet, the work is steady and right now the temperatures are really nice.

Today we are supposed to experience a partial solar eclipse. I think we are going to be very fortunate and get a very nice view of it here. I was looking at the maps from the Nasa website and we are located right next to the trajectory of the moon and the sun coming together. We should get a chance to see it around noon our time. If it actually happens, it will be my first eclipse to witness. i am a bit eager to see how it turns out.:)

i may try to take some photos but not sure how they will come out.

otherwise… life is moving slowly. For those of you waiting to here news about the baby, I am still waiting myself. I went for a DNA test and have to wait until i return to Nairobi to get the outcome. At the moment, mother and child seem to be doing ok.

In other news I am seeing a lovely lady who is orginally from Southern Sudan, but has been living and working in Kenya for quite a while now. One of these days I will post some photos.:) Right now I am finding it difficult because she is still in Nairobi and I am here in Sudan and will only get a chance to see her every couple of months when i go out for a break. And we may end up seeing less of each other because she may be taking a job in Northern Sudan with the UN based in Khartoum. Not looking forward to that if it happens.

anyhow… there is a bit of an update. I am hoping to begin to write a bit more than have been lately. its just that sometimes there isn’t much to write about or much that I want to write about.