annular eclipse oct 3 2005 pt 2

shadow eclipse

the pinhole through paper view of the Eclipse. Taken at around 1 p.m. our time. Don’t have any idea what that was GMT.

I realized I started to look to early for the eclipse. That was because I had no idea what time it was supposed to be happening. But that is another story. It finally came around 2 p.m. our time. I also tried to take pictures of the sun with my camera. I have a bunch of lovely photos with a really big bright spot and tons of glare. You can’t see anything else.

somebody had the inside of a couple of floppy disks. looking through two of them cut out all of the light and allowed you to see the sun. kinda.

oh the heavens. such wonderous events. I was actually thinking that had I been a few hundred miles to the east and out in the middle of nowhere I could have possibly tried to convince the locals I was a great prophet or something like that. but i don’t think it got dark enough for that. they probably would have thought I was a bit nuts to be honest.

This is a picture of the sunlight coming through the trees. There were thousands of these minature views of the eclipse all over the place.

I really enjoyed my first eclipse.