ive tried upgrading this site to the newest version of the blogging software, but it didn’t work. aggravating.

yesterday we just recieved a new gadget which is similar to a handheld palm pilot. at least it runs the same software. and it is supposed to be able to hook into a computer. but apparantly i don’t have all the right software for that, and I can’t figure out how to get it to work. aggravating.

sitting in the middle of nowhere, trying to rely on the stuff that is sent to you and a not so decent connection to the interent. aggravating.

trying to sort out the direction my life is going in the near future and not really getting anywhere. aggravating.

at least there was rain for a little bit this morning. cooled things down briefely, made it pleasant to sit in the office for a short while. then it got hot again. aggravating.