Yambio Printing Press

tuesday i went to a town called Yambio about 80 miles east of here to check out a “printing” press and see some of the things happening on that side. took us six hours to drive the 80 miles. The road is slightly bigger than the width of a vehicle. Mud. some rocks here and there. lots and lots of holes, ravines, craters, gullies, etc. the average speed was just under 15 miles an hour. the seat i was sitting on was old and had lost most of its padding and bounce. it was less than a pleasent drive.

we stayed the night in Yambio and the next morning finished up our business and came back here to maridi. The journey back took slightly longer than the journey there. we had 1250 kgs of cement in the back of the truck, and the weight slowed us down just a bit.

my back is sore. my body is still complaining in a few other places. and i am considering driving out of this place instead of flying. Im not thinking straight.