for some reason i just can’t sleep at night. habit maybe. its been long since i have been to bed before 1 a.m. and lately its been more like 3 or 4. i try to go to sleep earlier, but just toss and turn for a couple of hours.

think it is lack of activity. although i have been doing a few things here and there and riding my bike around a bit. so am not just being completely lethargic.

i also notice that right at the time i decide to sleep, my mind starts racing uncontrollably, thinking about a million and one different things… i try to make it go blank, but it won’t. that generally happens somewhere around the a.m. or in some cases p.m. when i wake up and stays that way until i decide to go back to bed and then the motor decides to start kicking in. then i am up until early morning trying to pass out. almost saw the sunrise the other day.