Risk Declaration

today i got my contract. woohoo!! had to sign about ten different pages.
it felt very official. my favorite part was the following:

“Risk Declaration

I, Paul Robert Rooker, fully understand the risk of working and living in South Sudan and I am traveling to South Sudan on my own free will. I will not hold CARE responsible for any hardships, including but not limited to personal injury, illness, kidnapping, loss of life/limb or property during my assignment with CARE. Consultants should be responsible for securing enhanced covers that include medical evacuation insurance. I absolve CARE of all the responsibilities and accept all the inherent risks involved and that CARE cannot assure me safety or saftey of my property. In accepting this consulting contract, I accept the risks indicated above.”

made me think about signing off for a few more seconds, but i did in the end. its not going to be as bad as this makes it sound.