Nairobi Rain

its started raining alot again. at least once a day. primarily in the morning for a couple of hours.

there is a dead tree in the compound of the house I am staying at. Saturday night, it fell over because the roots no longer could hold it in the ground, and with all the rain, the ground had become very, very soft.

it fell over on my housemate’s boyfriend’s vehicle. he owned something along the lines of a geo tracker or izuzu something. One of these small boxy four wheel drive jobs made in japan. My housemate’s Rav4 almost got smashed as well, but her boyfriend’s vehicle took the full force and kept her car from being hurt. his vehicle was hurt though, and badly. possibly a total, but they aren’t sure yet. and insurance is a bit strange in this country. he just bought the car from someone who had paid for the insurance on the the vehicle. he doesn’t know what that insurance covers. and they also don’t know if the landlord will be liable for any of the damage. even though he has been asked repeatedly to remove the dead tree.

the night guard working for us was almost hit by the tree. the chair he normally sits in was buried in branches. he fortunately realized the tree was coming down and got out of the way just in time. he was very shaken up.

one of the dogs was pretty shaken as well. she normally barks non-stop at people walking by the front of the property, but since the tree fell, she has been very quiet and when we are around the house, she comes looking for attention. poor thing.

and its raining again this morning, so the people needed to come and clean up the mess probably won’t make it. maybe tomorrow, or wednesday if its not raining.