today i am in Sudan.

the place i am staying is called “Maridi”. It is a small town just north of the DRC border in the southwest part of Sudan. This place is amazing. Lush vegitation everywhere. Tons of different fruits – bananas, mangos, papaya, pineapple and many more. Very very green at the moment.

i also have a very nice place to stay. unlike my previous experience where i lived in tents when i was in Sudan, i am staying in a small one room brick house. It has a small enclosed porch at the front so i can sit and enjoy the outside without actually being outside. and there is a small room inside the house where i can take a bath. this may not seem strange but generally in these parts they keep the “shower” room next to the toilets. and the toilets are not in the house, but about thirty yards away at the back of the compound. and they are long drops, no seats and no flush. what i like to call a “squatty”. flush toilets would definately make this place paradise. at the moment it is really close.

the people seem nice. havn’t had a chance to meet too many cause i just arrived this morning. but that will come. did see part of the “town” and it too is much nicer than anything I have seen in sudan before. actually
lots of buildings. there is even a directional sign at the one round about in the center of the town. at the bottom of it it says “help keep Maridi clean”.

so i am really looking forward to my time here. will definately be an experience.