friday night i was sitting eating some food when i started to feel strange. i walked to the bathroom and noticed i had begun to shiver quite a bit. i never felt nauseous or had any problems with running to the loo again. but apparently i had a fever and i definitely started to feel like crap. horrible headache, shivering all night long. tired. from shivering all night long and not sleeping. at one point my hands and feet were numb.

this place is prone to malaria, so i figured the chances of that being the issue were pretty high. so i took the anti malarial medicine i brought with me. I immediately began to feel better after the first dose, but then shortly after that was back to feeling like crap. Saturday i spent most of the day lying in bed trying to sleep and sweating uncontrollably into my sheets. that was a little disgusting.

i got up in the afternoon and went into town to get a blood test. the guy took my blood and looked at it under a microscope and a few minutes later came back to me and said I was negative for malaria. which was aggravating to hear. but what I have found out is that after taking malaria medicine it is apparently difficult to pick up on the parasites. and for some reason it is very hard to find malaria in the folk coming from outside of africa even if they have it.l

so i may have had malaria or may have had something else. the something else is what concerns me cause if it wasn’t the malaria it means it is probably still around and could have just settled down for a few days and is only waiting for the chance to jump back up and say “howdy!”