flying not fun

flying is not really all that fun. especially when the plane is being thrown around by turbulance which has resulted from the numerous hurricanes and tropical storms taking place on eastern seaboard. i freaked out at one point. wasn’t sure if it was just emotional overreaction because i was tired or what. to calm myself down i started to say the lord’s prayer, but only got halfway because i forgot the majority of it.

its nice to back in kenya. went for nyama choma first thing off the plane and got a good fill of fried beef and ugali. i have missed the ugali. got back to my old place of residence to find the small dog i had left behind had become a very large one. but seemingly calmer than the hyperactive beast he was before. could be in part due to the fact that he just had his testicles removed.

the house has no water at the moment. the pump which pumps water from the holding tank outside into other holding tanks in the attic is not working. and it is still a bit chilly in these parts, so my “bath” this morning consisted a some quick splashes in needed areas and rinsing off my face.

anyways… im here. im tired. and i feel happy.