Bun fi wen?

Drawing of Worker at Maridi

the funny thing about being in the bush is that when something breaks, it takes a while to get it fixed. a while back our whole internet system went down and as it turned out, i and one other person were the only ones capable of examining the situation to see if we could fix it. and we weren’t. its probably something small that any tech could figure out in about five
minutes of time.

we keep going into the office in the morning looking at our computer screens and hoping that by some miracle things automatically begin working again and we can access the rest of the world. but alas no, we sit and we stew and we realize its actually kinda nice to be separated for a little bit. not a long bit, but just a little.

Maridi is slowly becoming hot and humid. a few storms have passed through the way, cooling things off for a short time, but leaving behind lots of moisture to heat up under the sun the next day. soon the storms will stop, and the heat will stay. hopefully not the humidity.

the excitement level is low at best. the day is consumed with sitting in the office inputting information into the computer and hoping something worthwhile comes out. in the evening the options are popping around the corner to the little shop that sells very warm beverages, going back to the camp and being less than productive until dinner, or taking a walk and getting very hot and very sweaty. at night, we enjoy the images of BBC/CNN updating us on the events on the outside world as we suck down dinner. the same food as the night before. well the same type. hopefully lasts nights delight was fed to the dogs. ugali, rice, pasta, meat, beans and cooked greens. too many carbs. not much taste.

im trying to pick up some of the local dialect. which is a form of arabic, but in the same class as eubonics is to english. its slowly coming. i can say “i want coffee!”, “i don’t have money!” and “where is my pen?”. very useful in day to day activities.