7 puppies

yesterday there were seven puppies in the compound. they had been there for a while actually, but yesterday they were seven in the compound and by the end of the day they were one. apparantly they had finally hit that stage in life where they can be taken away from the mother, and actually from the way the mother seemed to act around them, she wasn’t or will not be terribly upset that they have left. and in the evening there was only one puppy in the compound. looking rather lost and confused. wondering what happened to all his playmates, looking for someone else to play with. he didn’t seem happy. the reason he didn’t go away was because he was a male, and the others female. guess they were thinking they could limit the chances of more puppies in the compound over the course of the next few months. i want to call him “wallet”, which is the phonetic pronounciation for the arabic word meaning “one”. and actually instead of saying “t” at the end it is pronounced more like a “d”. so “wal-led”. I think its a good one.